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6 Benefits Of Walking You Probably Don’t Know

Are you looking to lose weight, normalize your blood pressure, improve your brain function, be happier and live longer?

What if I told you all this and more could be yours for the low price of 30min/day?

Oh, and the best part? This activity is free, easy to do, and you don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships…

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This Simple Habit Can Add Years To Your Life

Healthy TV | Episode 059

When I ask people – “Would you like to live a longer life?” the answer is almost always “It depends…” Which is usually followed by some earnest conversation about not wanting to be dependent on anyone else, to be a burden…

And I get that.

In fact, my goal for longevity has changed from stating a specific number to simply being really clear on the state of function I want to maintain, forever.

So that begs the question: What can I do to maximize my health and function long term?

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9 Best Gatineau Park Trails For All Levels

Our Life By Design Challenge for July has been to Get Your Weekly Dose Of Vitamin N… How did you do, btw?  I upped the ante a bit and challenged myself to explore at least 1 new trail each week… And I made it to 7!

For a complete list of the best, family-friendly Kanata trails, check out this post!

The Best Gatineau Park Trails

Normally I get my Vitamin N playing across the Ottawa River in Gatineau Park and I’m often asked “What trail should I do?”

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[Video] Exploring Gatineau Park Trails

Healthy TV | Episode 054

Over the past 3 weeks I have covered the best Nature Trails in and around Kanata.  On today’s episode, I want to take you into my favorite Ottawa Playground – Gatineau Park.

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