Dr. John MacPhee, Author at Kanata Chiropractor

Top 5 Core Exercises For Your Low Back

If there’s 1 thing that’s become abundantly clear over the past 6 weeks, it’s how incredibly adaptable we are as humans.

Adaptation is always useful in the short term, allowing us to cope with a ton of stress and survive… but there’s always a cost.
One of our big concerns is that, with an extended break from your regular chiropractic checkups, your core problem may start to resurface.  For some this may mean more pain and discomfort, but for a lot of us, it’s more subtle than that… It’s the slow and steady loss of function that often goes unnoticed.
While there’s no real replacement for your chiropractic checkups, there’s still lots of things you CAN do to protect your spine this spring.

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5 Tips to Kick Your Sugar Habit

One of the biggest struggles I hear people facing when it comes to their health is kicking their sugar habit…

And – believe me – I get it!

Over the past few weeks I’ve allowed more and more sugar into my life – mainly in the form of chocolate – and now it’s like an ever-present thought in my mind… When will I get my next fix?

When stress is high, many of us lean on sugary foods to soothe our emotional state, but its a double-edged sword and the consequences can build up quickly.

Now is a great time to give your health a boost, and kick your sugar habit!  Here are 5 tips to help your new habits stick for good!

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5 Simple Exercises To Protect Your Spine When You Can’t Get to Your Chiropractor

We know it’s tough right now for everyone to do things that build and protect their health.

With more sitting, computer time, desk work… our spines are definitely taking a beating.

Now’s a great time to try out those desk-bound exercises we talk about all the time… you know, the ones that you’d like to do, but feel embarrassed to try with all your coworkers watching? 🤣

Now’s your chance to try them out, find the ones that really help you, and lock in the habit so that when you go back to the office, it won’t matter what they say!

And even more importantly, protect your spine, and limit any damage until you can get back to your regular check-up schedule.

Here are 5 simple exercises you can do right now at home to protect your spine.

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Sleep Routine: 5 Bedtime Habits To Optimize Your Sleep

When it comes to getting good quality sleep, most of us are failing… Issues with sleep is the 2nd leading cause of doctor visits, and prescription sleeping ‘aids’ have skyrocketed in the past decade.

Clearly, we are doing something wrong…

In this blog post, I share my own sleep routine including 5 bedtime habits that I have found to help in getting my sleep on track. I also share the best-kept secret to better sleep that few people know about…

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