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01/ Are You Ok?

Do you struggle with back pain, neck pain, headaches, limited mobility or sciatica? Are you lacking the energy you need to get through your day? Are you frustrated that your doctors have been unable to help you?

We understand. It's not so much about the pain or discomfort - you’re tough right? It’s that it stops you from doing the things you need, want and love to do.

Like the back pain that zaps your energy and distracts you from your work and family, or those ’normal' headaches that make it so hard to focus and turns you into a ticking time bomb.

The worst part is not knowing. Not understanding what and why. It's no wonder you are frustrated.

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02/ What Options Do You Have?

There’s probably a drug or some therapy that could help reduce the discomfort and mask your problem so that you can continue along with what you want to do. And for some this can be very attractive. After all, who doesn't want a quick fix?

But that’s not you... you’re different. When you hear the fire alarm, you don’t rush to take the batteries out so the noise will stop. You don’t want to ignore the problem and hope for the best. You don’t want to rely on some pill to get through the day. Most importantly you refuse to accept that you have to suffer for the rest of your life.

Are your symptoms the REAL problem or just collateral damage?

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03/ What's The
Real Problem?

After helping thousands of people get results it’s become clear that problems like pain, headaches, low energy, indigestion and poor immune function are almost always secondary issues, NOT primary problems.

And, unlike traditional chiropractors, we are not interested in masking symptoms. At Synergy Wellness Group we are experts in Neuro­-Structural Correction using the Life By Design Chiropractic MethodTM

Our comprehensive examination is focused on identifying core problems that are affecting you in ways you may notice or feel, but more importantly in ways that you likely have no idea about.

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04/ Extraordinary Results!

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05/ Got A Question?


How do I know I need a chiropractor?


What types of problems can chiropractic help me with?


What can I expect when I get there?


How long before I see results?


How many times will I have to come?


Once I go to a chiropractor, will I have to go forever?


How much will it cost?


Got your own question?

06/ Who Are We?

Dr. Michael Gibson

Meet Dr. Michael Gibson

Hey! I’m Dr. Michael Gibson -

And I love to help people who are struggling to regain their health… those people who desperately want to be healthier and are sick of the limitations and restrictions that their (insert your symptoms and conditions here) are putting on their lives.

But what I really excel at is showing people how to take their health and their lives to whole new levels… so not just digging them out of the current ‘hole’ that they're in, but to help them achieve a level of health, vibrancy, fitness and energy that most never thought was possible.

This passion comes from my own inner drive to be as healthy as I possibly can be… to live the longest healthiest life I can.

To be more specific I’m determined to live to a 110… and not just be alive, but be vibrant and active right to the end... out playing a round of golf, hiking at the lake, exploring this incredible world we live in... with nothing holding me back from doing anything and everything I want to do.

I’m constantly studying, learning and refining my strategies to help me fulfill the requirements I have to be healthy. And after using my own life and body as a guinea pig I love to share what works with everyone else.

And it doesn’t stop with my physical health, I apply the same drive to all areas of my life... I want to be the best parent, most productive entrepreneur, best friend, best chiropractor and best teacher I can be. I’m into the best of everything. And I love to help people who have the same drive to excel in all areas of their life.

And I know it all starts with health.

“Without my health everything else is meaningless.” - Unknown

I’ve been involved in the health industry for a long time - over 20 years now. I've been in private practice for over 11 (I feel old just typing that!)

It started with a Kinesiology degree at the University of Western Ontario, followed by Masters in Health Sciences and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees in sunny, and ridiculously humid Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m the co-creator of Life By Design… which I think is best described as: ‘your blueprint for an extraordinary life”… because that’s really what it is… a step-by-step guide to living the best life possible. And not only do I teach the principles to patients but I also teach Life By Design to other doctors around the world to help them be the best doctors they can be to the people in their community.

I own a supplement company focused on bringing to you the world’s highest quality and BEST TASTING fish oil on the planet.

I’m also the co-owner of CrossFit 613, which I can confidently say offers some of the highest quality coaching and exercise program design anywhere - which translates into incredible results for our clients.

And when I’m not helping others create ridiculous health, I’m living my own Life By Design, training hard at the gym, playing with my amazing kids and living a life of harmony with all the things I value most - experiences, travel, cottage time, and entrepreneurship.

I still enjoy hockey (I played varsity hockey at the University of Western Ontario) and like to think I still have a little of that old magic (if you’ve seen me play lately, pls don’t burst my bubble).

I absolutely love time at my family cottage.

I love philosophy - yes, I know what a geek - but I love thinking about my beliefs and then applying and checking them vs. reality. I love life hacks. I love learning, creating, and innovating. I think that’s why I’m the go to guy when my friends are stuck in questions of morality... I like to think that I always do what’s right, no matter what the consequences.

I love to read… and love the actual books… I love the feel of them and what they represent… ideas. I know, kinda weird, eh?!

If you’re dying to know more, here are 4 things you likely don’t know about me…

  • I love chocolate… especially right after breakfast.
  • I’m afraid of heights… and actively search out ways to break that fear… as long as it's not too high :)
  • I enjoy cutting the lawn… I like that I can immediately see the results of my effort and the tidiness of it… I also love the 1.5 hours of podcasts I can learn from while I do it.
  • I’m a productivity junkie… it’s a game I play with myself to see how much I can get done in less and less time... so that I can produce more…. and so I can create more free time to do the things that I value most.

Want to take your health and life to the next level?

Start the conversation by clicking HERE to book your complimentary consultation.

Dr. Craig Hazel

Meet Dr. Craig Hazel

Hi I'm Dr. Craig!

My passion for helping people live life to the fullest is what drives me.

I love my ‘job’.

When I was growing up, I was constantly sick. Colds. Sinus infections. Bronchitis. I was on antibiotics all the time in my teens.

It wasn’t until my second year of university that I discovered Chiropractic.  I was suffering from post-concussion syndrome, excruciating headaches, frequent colds and stomach problems.  

I tried conventional medicine and rest for nearly three years with limited results. A friend suggested I try chiropractic.

No one was more skeptical about chiropractic than I was.

After several weeks of starting care, I began to experience something I had never felt in a long time – I felt nothing. No headaches, no sinus pain, no more colds, aches, and pains vanished and my energy tripled.

I was so amazed that I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor.

I completed my undergraduate degrees at Queen’s University before continuing onto Parker College of Chiropractic in “Big D” – Dallas, Texas.

While there I became passionate about working with kids. I love seeing the changes in them and how quickly they respond to care.

My pediatric certification really sets me apart in my ability to help with highly challenging and difficult cases such as ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and even things such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy.

While chiropractic in general is helpful in these cases, our expertise and level of specific neurologically-based care allow us to get the highest level of results in these areas.

We have created a family-friendly office that always puts education and inspiration first. I spend as much time as I can conveying a message of health and hope to my practice members and my community. We are deeply passionate about helping children grow up healthy and happy.

Outside the office I stay fit with hockey, working out, and love to fish, ski, and play golf.  My own personal health is always a top priority, and I am always certain to get my weekly chiropractic adjustment.

I have served as the chairman of a provincial organization for the chiropractic profession and am active in the advancement of support and leadership to the Chiropractors in Ontario.

I want to thank you for taking the time to check out our site and learn more about us. I hope that you can see how dedicated we are to helping you and your family.

If you find yourself asking, “I wonder if chiropractic can help me?” I will tell you the answer is most likely a resounding YES! Call our Kanata chiropractic office today and take your first step to a better life.

Kayleigh Read

Meet Kayleigh Read

Hi! I'm Kayleigh!

At the age of 22, I was taking an Excedrin migraine every morning to prevent the inevitable daily headache I had come to expect. Little did I know fate would intervene and I would be introduced to the world of chiropractic.

Despite being given multiple reasons and so-called “solutions”, no previous doctor had taken the time and care to fully investigate exactly why these happened or how to prevent them. This is where my Chiropractic, and ultimately health journey began.

Within 3 months of care, the reversal in my cervical curve began to resolve thus reducing my headaches substantially due to a structural shift. I stopped taking meds and I started focusing on how much better my overall health could be.

A couple years in, I made the decision to join the chiropractic team and be part of helping others on the same journey. That was 15 years ago, and I’ve never looked back.

When I am not in the office, I am spending time with my husband Mike, our amazing daughter Everleigh and our two dogs.

You may also see me on the road engaging in another of my passions, running or training for my next 10K.

I am also the proud founder and president of Families First Community Cancer Support, a charitable organization aimed at providing little things that help in a big way, for cancer patients who are experiencing a greater financial burden as a result of the illness.

As the smiling face at the front desk, I hope to make everyone’s experience an amazing one, supporting your goals and addressing your concerns while making sure we are all working together to ensure you get the results you want.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate the amazing world of chiropractic and its endless benefits.

07/ Our 9 Point Patient Promise

08/ Book Your Consultation!

A consultation is a conversation, not a commitment…

Speak with one of our Life By Design Chiropractors to see if The Wellness Group is the right place for you to get the care you need.

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