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7 Keys To Staying On Track This Holiday Season

Here it comes… Christmas. The holidays.

I call it ‘the silly season’. And for good reason. This 2-3 period every year is a time filled with over-indulgence, over-spending and over-committing to parties and events.

What that means is that even more discipline is required in order for you to continue to reach your health goals.

Here are a 7 strategies to help you make it just a little bit easier this holiday season.

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How To Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Hats off to all the moms and dads out there.

Seriously, you deserve it.

Being a parent is easily one of the hardest tasks that anyone will endevour in their lifetime. There are all kinds of challenges and obstacles, and what’s worse is they not only multiply as your kids get older, they also get way more complex as time goes by.

One day your kid’s biggest problem is needing a diaper change, the next, they’re deciding what career path to follow.

One of the most important, and most difficult challenges in raising a child is ensuring they develop a healthy level of self-esteem. A lack of healthy self-esteem lies at the root of all kinds of mental health disorders, and is fundamental to creating success in almost all aspects of your child’s life, from social relationships to academic and career success down the line.

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Want Success In 2018? You Must Answer This Question First

With the holidays right around the corner, it truly is a wonderful time of year!

Unfortunately for many, it’s also followed by the anxiety, fear and despair of the next 12 months…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to skip those emotions and make this year your best year ever?

Let me help you…

To begin, you must answer this question:

“Who will I be 12 months from now?”

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The TRUTH About Headaches & Migraines

Recently a new client came in to see me – let’s call her Karri. Like a lot of people who come see us for help, Karri was suffering from chronic headaches and migraines…  Or what she called “the unrelenting monster in her head.”

When I asked Karri to describe her headache, this is how she put it:

“Have you ever seen those old-timey pictures of men working on the railroad? You know those big hammers they use to drive those long spikes into the track? My head feels like the track.”

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