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Everything You Need To Know About Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

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As if there wasn’t enough to worry about during pregnancy, experiencing back pain can feel like adding insult to injury. If you’re a mom searching for quality information, solutions, and would love to avoid wasting time sifting through miracle cures and magic bullets, these guidelines will give you everything you need to know about low back pain during pregnancy.

What does the data tell us about low back pain during pregnancy?

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5 Steps To Solve Chronic Health Problem

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Is there anything more frustrating than dealing with the same health problem over and over again?

If that’s an experience you know all too well and you haven’t made a single change to what you’re doing…well, that’s what Einstein called insanity.

Here are the first 5 steps to solving a chronic health problem.

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Top 5 Core Exercises For Your Low Back

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If there’s one thing that’s become abundantly clear, it’s how incredibly adaptable we are as humans.

Adaptation is always useful in the short term, allowing us to cope with a ton of stress and survive… but there’s always a cost.

One of our big concerns is that, with an extended break from your regular chiropractic checkups, your core problem may start to resurface.  For some, this may mean more pain and discomfort, but for a lot of us, it’s more subtle than that…

It’s the slow and steady loss of function that often goes unnoticed.

While there’s no real replacement for your chiropractic checkups, there are still lots of things you CAN do to protect your spine.

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Sciatica Survival Guide

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Sciatica is the worst – period.

I’ve been there – that achy butt and leg pain is distracting at best, and downright disruptive at its worst…

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica you know that it zaps your energy, interferes with your work, and stops you from doing the sports and activities you love. Heck, it can even make sitting and standing unbearable…

Here’s the crazy thing: back problems including sciatica will affect 4 in 5 Canadian adults at some point in their life.

So if sciatica is so common, what is it?