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What Supplements I Take And Why

Healthy TV Episode 090

Have you ever been caught in the ‘should I/shouldn’t I?’ mind-loop when it comes to nutritional supplements? I definitely have…

There have been times when my fridge was half-filled with supplements of all sorts… Followed by times where I ditched them all and went totally supplement-free.

Right now, I’m finding a ton of value in these 6 supplements and wanted to share them with you in case they can help you too.

To the best of my ability the ideas and thoughts I share are supported by evidence, and where that is perhaps lacking, my personal and professional experience.

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[Video] Got Tight Hips? Do These 5 Mobility Exercises

Like all joints in our body, our hips are designed for lots and lots of regular movement.  Historically, all this movement was a requirement to survive. We often had to walk long distances, squat, crawl, run, leap, climb… all simply to survive.

And then in the past 200 years we have innovated such an abundance of amazing machines to help make our lives easier and safer, we’ve almost entirely removed the need to move!

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What’s The Big Deal About Vegetables?

Healthy TV Episode 088

I want to be honest with you… Even as a former vegetarian, I sometimes find it difficult to get enough veggies on my plate.

So if you find it tough, I get it. In this week’s episode, I share why eating vegetables with every meal is not just important…

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Will A Low-Carb Diet Shorten Your Life?

Have you seen these headlines?

Meat-heavy, low-carb diets can ‘shorten lifespan’: study – CTV

Low-carb diets can shorten life expectancy: study – CBC

Low-carb diet linked to early death, medical study suggests – USA TODAY

Low carb diets shorten your life unless you are mostly vegetarian, study suggests – The Independent

This comes at a time when everyone and their dog is raving about the benefits of the ketogenic diet (low carb/high-fat), and its’ ancestral relative – the Paleo diet, both which are top trending diets of 2018.

And for good reason…

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