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The Simple Solution To Neck Problems

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“I gotta hit the gym to work on my neck…” said nobody, ever! 😉

When you consider what the neck does (connects your head to your body) it’s pretty darn important…

The neck is the most free and mobile part of the spine, and in order to be able to move your head around freely and safely, your neck needs to have a strong core… Yes, just like your lower spine/trunk has ‘a core,’ so does your neck!

One of the biggest sign’s that your neck core is not working properly is what’s called anterior spinal distortion. AKA tech neck.

This shifting in the spine – a core problem that likely needs to be addressed – is almost always paired with a weak neck ‘core.’ Which came first? that’s a convo for another video.

The easiest thing to do is have someone to take a side-profile of yourself so that you can see whole in your ear.

Feel free to send it to me in an email or in Facebook messenger and I’ll send you some feedback!

In the meantime, here are 5 of my go-to exercises to build a strong, resilient neck!

These exercises are the most effective ones I’ve used with hundreds of patients with neck problems, and if the core problem is weak neck muscles then doing these exercises for 6-8wks will likely solve the problem.

A lot of times though, there’s been some damage to the structure of the neck bones, joints, and nerves that control the muscles. If you’re finding these exercises difficult or painful, then you may want to dig a bit deeper and find out what the underlying problem is, so you can fix it.

PS. Know someone with neck problems? Send them this blog post so they can learn how to help themselves!

Here’s the first step to regaining your neck strength!

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