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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin N?

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Healthy TV | Episode 050

Hardly anyone talks about this essential ‘vitamin’… But when you’re getting enough Vitamin N, you will not only have a much higher quality of life, you will actually ADD QUALITY YEARS TO YOUR LIFE!

Just like we have a genetic requirement for getting 7-9hrs of sleep per night, consuming a diet of real food, getting lots of daily movement, maintaining a healthy structure, and having deep, meaningful relationships, our genes (and by extension, our physiology) literally have a requirement to spend time in nature.

July’s monthly challenge is to get your weekly dose of Vitamin N. The verdict is still out on exactly how much is needed, although one thing is clear: more = better, at least when it comes to optimizing your brain.

But we wanted to keep it realistic for the purposes of the challenge and have set 2hrs/week as the minimum requirements for Vitamin N. 

For more on the benefits of immersing yourself in nature watch this video!

For more on the impact regular immersion in nature has on your brain, read this post: Vitamin N: Special Report

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