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10 Tips to Get Your Protein At Every Meal

Once you’ve figured out how to EAT REAL FOOD FIRST you can start working through the rest of the Eat By Design steps, beginning with number two! Here are 10 tips to get your protein at every meal.

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9 Possible Reasons You Have Back Pain

Given that The World Health Organization estimates the lifetime prevalence of non-specific back pain at 60-70%, it just makes sense that you understand what could be causing it and how to start solving your problem once and for all!

Here are 9 possible reasons you have back pain.

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The Low-Down On Stand Up Desks

Healthy TV Episode 082

Do you use stand up desks? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments below!

With all the stories about the ‘epidemic of sitting disease,’ and how ‘sitting is the new smoking’ it’s no wonder people are looking for an alternative…

Stand Up Desks are flying off the shelf and the increase in demand has actually brought a lot more competition to the market, driving prices down – wooo!! You can now get a decent desk-top standing station for ~$200 which is great, especially for anyone with a home office!

However Stand Up Desks are not a panacea for sitting-related problems, and come with some of the very same challenges that plague so many people who sit all day. What’s happening here?

Find out in this week’s episode of Healthy TV!

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How To Build A Strong Core (Even If You Don’t Lift Weights!)

Healthy TV Episode 080

We’ve all heard how important our core is… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a flat, toned tummy, or even some 6-pack abs!!??

I totally get why people want the ripped tummies, but it turns out that’s actually not the most important thing when it comes to your core…

But not all core exercises are created equal.

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