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Why Prolonged Sitting May Be Worse Than You Think

Move By Design

With the world rapidly changing, more people than ever are moving their primary work environment home. With the convenience, decreased travel times, and lowered office expenses, has also come a rise in sedentary desk activity… aka sitting!

With research suggesting we are now sitting for 12+ hours a day, up from the 10 hours of our waking time being sedentary, there’s little question that the short and long-term effects of prolonged sitting won’t be good.

Over the past decade, it’s been well documented that extended periods of sitting has negative health consequences, many of them even unexpected, much like the increased risk of developing Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

On the surface, negative consequences for spinal health seem to be obvious, but upon closer examination, the effects of prolonged sitting go far beyond simply achy shoulders and headaches.

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10 Tips to Get Your Protein At Every Meal

Eat By Design

“So let me get this straight:  You said I can have BBQ for breakfast?”

That’s right! This month’s challenge is to eat protein with every meal.

We believe, as do most nutrition experts, that high quality protein is the most important food type.  Apart from Step 1 of Eat By Design – EAT REAL FOOD FIRST – Eating protein at every meal is the most important step.

Here are 10 tips to make it easy to get protein at every meal.

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9 Possible Reasons You Have Back Pain

Power By Design

Given that The World Health Organization estimates the lifetime prevalence of non-specific back pain at 60-70%, it just makes sense that you understand what could be causing it and how to start solving your problem once and for all!

Here are 9 possible reasons you have back pain.

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The Low-Down On Stand Up Desks

Move By Design

Healthy TV Episode 082

Do you use stand up desks? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments below!

With all the stories about the ‘epidemic of sitting disease,’ and how ‘sitting is the new smoking’ it’s no wonder people are looking for an alternative…

Stand Up Desks are flying off the shelf and the increase in demand has actually brought a lot more competition to the market, driving prices down – wooo!! You can now get a decent desk-top standing station for ~$200 which is great, especially for anyone with a home office!

However Stand Up Desks are not a panacea for sitting-related problems, and come with some of the very same challenges that plague so many people who sit all day. What’s happening here?

Find out in this week’s episode of Healthy TV!

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