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The TRUTH About Headaches & Migraines

Power By Design

Recently a new client came in to see me – let’s call her Karri. Like a lot of people who come see us for help, Karri was suffering from chronic headaches and migraines…  Or what she called “the unrelenting monster in her head.”

When I asked Karri to describe her headache, this is how she put it:

“Have you ever seen those old-timey pictures of men working on the railroad? You know those big hammers they use to drive those long spikes into the track? My head feels like the track.”

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The Best 15 Ways To Boost Your Child’s IQ

Life By Design

High IQ is not a stand alone quality that sets a child apart nor is it a requirement for a successful future. That said, all things being equal, maximizing your child’s intelligence is not only possible but it’s a “smart” thing to do. Here’s how it works and the best 15 ways to boost your child’s IQ.

It’s All About The Brain

While tests that measure IQ can be debated, what is generally accepted in this realm is the importance of healthy brain development in children and beyond.

No question there is a massive surge of growth from birth until age 4-5 but it doesn’t stop there as most researchers had once thought.

The brain is plastic; this means it continually integrates new information, experiences and changes throughout ones life.

THE POINT… caring for your child’s brain is the foundation for not only IQ, but also millions of other processes required for a healthy and happy life.

While it’s tempting to chalk this “brain stuff” up to genetics, we’re more in control than we may think. It’s time to start considering a lifestyle that incorporates activities to support our brain health not only for its positive benefits today but also for the protective effects later in life.

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(Video) Key Habit To Developing A Happy, Healthy Brain

Move By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 063

Imagine if there was one habit you could install in your kids that would guarantee they grow bigger, faster, more intelligent brains…

What if I told you this one habit doesn’t cost a cent, makes them happier, builds self-esteem, and protects them from a whole bunch of chronic health problems as they age?

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How Exercise Can Grow Your Child a Bigger, Better Brain

Move By Design

It’s not rocket science that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for adults and children. Yet, very few are aware that exercise could build your child a bigger, better brain (and possibly even help them become a rocket scientist!)

Exercise Works

The most commonly recognized benefits of physical activity include:

  • Stronger muscles
  • Increased bone density
  • Better coordination
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity

The end result is a major decrease in lifestyle related illness such as Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes and many other related conditions in adults and children. These are all wonderful side effects of a consistent exercise program.

Less commonly known are the exciting effects of exercise on the brain and who more important to target with these effects than the developing brains of our most precious assets… our children.

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