How To Build A Strong Core (Even If You Don't Lift Weights!)

How To Build A Strong Core (Even If You Don’t Lift Weights!)

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Healthy TV Episode 080

We’ve all heard how important our core is… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a flat, toned tummy, or even some 6-pack abs!!??

I totally get why people want the ripped tummies, but it turns out that’s actually not the most important thing when it comes to your core…

But not all core exercises are created equal.

When it comes to getting results with my patients, there are certain exercises that I find especially effective and I’m going to share my top five with you this week.

Follow along and let me know if they are too hard or too easy…

Core 101

Your core is made up of a bunch of muscles that stabilize your trunk, front, back and sides.

It’s designed to keep your trunk (mid & low back, pelvis, hips) upright.

When it works properly, its meant to increase rigidity of the spine, based on what your asking your body to do.
So less rigid when you need to be quick and agile like climbing a tree… More rigid when you’re lifting up your 45lb squirmy child, and maximum rigidity when you’re pushing the car out of the mud/snow.

And the take home point… when it stops working properly, it spells trouble for your structure, including your spinal discs, joints of the spine, and all the ligaments that support your spine and pelvis.

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