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Simple Exercises To Fix Shoulder Pain

Healthy TV Episode 079

Do you have painful, grindy shoulders?

I know I do, and this exercise really helps.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or avid desk-jockey, your shoulders take a beating daily. Dealing with grindy, clicky, painful shoulders can be super-annoying, and stop you from being able to do things like pick up your kids, play your favourite sport, or simply do things like take off your shirt or pull on your seatbelt.

This exercise is so simple, but I’ve seen it solve, or at least help with a bunch of different shoulder problems.

For this exercise, all you need is some sort of straight stick – pvc tube, broomstick, or hockey stick.

The number one rule is that it doesn’t hurt. You shouldn’t fell any sharp or shooting pain, although it may be a bit uncomfortable.

If its too hard, move your hands wider. If it’s too easy, bring them closer together.

And, if you have to go so wide that you end up bonking your head with the stick, then let me know below and we’ll troubleshoot!

For more mobility exercises like this join the Movement Challenge! Seriously, it only takes 10 minutes/day and all you have to do follow me on a video doing simple exercises so easy practically anyone can do them.

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