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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Mobility? Is It The Same As Flexibility? 

The difference between mobility and flexibility is almost always confused... in fact, most personal trainers can’t tell you the difference… but there are important differences.  
Flexibility refers to a muscle being long enough to allow the body to bend in a specific way (e.g. having flexible legs typically means people can bend forward and touch their toes). 
Mobility refers to the quality of a specific movement and the strength available  throughout the entire range of movement.  In other words, mobility refers to how the body gets from point A to point B whereas flexibility just means you can get to point B.  
Flexibility is a component of good quality mobility, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true.  There are lots of ‘flexible’ people out there who have really poor mobility. 
The Move By Design Mobility Program, including the Joint to Join Movement Video offered here, is designed specifically to help improve your mobility.

2. Does Mobility Naturally Decrease With Age? 

This is a myth.  
Mobility is only lost when we STOP MOVING.  Mobility falls into the ‘use it or lose it’ category.  Just like if you stop lifting weights your muscles get smaller, if you stop say squatting, your ability to squat will decrease over time. 
The great thing is the reverse is also true. Just like if you start lifting weights, your muscles adapt and get stronger and bigger, it is possible to regain the mobility you have lost over time. 

3. I Haven’t Exercised In Forever…  Where Should I Start? 

The best place to start is with the foundation of movement: healthy mobility of every joint in your body.  

Our easy-to-follow Joint to Joint Movement program, offered here on this page is perfect to get your body moving again and prepare it for more intense exercise when you’re ready!  

Seriously, do this program daily for 30 days and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.  

4. It hurts when I move a certain way. Should this be painful? What should I do?

No.  Movement should never be painful.  
We need to differentiate between discomfort and pain though… because there’s a difference.  
Its likely that some of these movements might be a bit uncomfortable because your body is not accustomed to moving your joints fully.  You may even feel a bit of muscle soreness the next day and that’s ok.  
But if there’s any sharp pains with movement, you definitely need to get that checked out.  Far too often in our practice (like several times a day) we see the unfortunate effect of ignoring these signals.  
If you have any questions send me an email directly: drmacphee@mykanatachiropractor.com.

Click the button above to instantly receive the full length instructional video.