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The 3 Essential Daily Supplements I Take Every Day (& Why You Should Too!)

Eat By Design

Healthy TV Episode 076

Ok, let me be totally honest… I’m not perfect and there’s plenty of days that I forget to take my supplements, but most days I take 3 essential supplements…

Can you guess which daily supplements I take?

You’ll have to watch this week’s episode to find out if you guessed correctly! 🙂

And let me be clear, I think most supplements that people take are a waste of money. I’m an advocate for eating a healthy diet and ONLY using supplements to fill the gaps where today’s food falls short.

Do you take supplements regularly? Which ones? Please comment below and let me know!

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The Unknown Cost Of The Food You Feed Your Family

Eat By Design

Healthy TV Episode 075

There are costs and benefits to specific foods, and in Episode 074 I gave you a good strategy for choosing the right foods to fuel your body…

Click HERE to go back and watch it now.

But there is one other food cost that is rarely considered, and it could be the difference between a good meal and a great one…

Watch the video to find out to find out exactly what I’m talking about!

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Should You Be On A Low Carb Diet?

Eat By Design

Low carb diets are everywhere these days, and lots of people love the results… weight loss, more energy, less cravings and mood swings just to name a few…

Healthy TV Episode 069

Have you been on a low carb diet?

How did/does it work for you?

I’d love if you would share your wins and challenges in the comments!

If not, should you be on a Low Carb diet?

Watch this episode to find out!

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This Advice Will Weaken Your Bones… Literally

Life By Design

Too often the most commonly accepted advice is straight up bad news.

Eat your oatmeal, hit the treadmill, stick to whole grain bread, these are just a few on the myth busting list.

This time the target is calcium.

Calcium? How could good, old-fashioned calcium be an issue? Well, the concern isn’t so much with calcium as a nutrient but instead calcium as a supplement.

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