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The Cure For Everything

Colic, ear infections, digestive disorders, anxiety, blood pressure, low energy, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, depression, fat loss… pretty much every condition, disease and symptom under the sun has shown improvement or resolution while receiving chiropractic care.

Have you heard of this before? Is it true?

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Research Shows Tech Neck May Cause Serious Health Problems

The global technology boom may have improved our lives and connected the world, but it has also caused an epidemic of “Tech Neck” and contributed to some serious health problems.

New York spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj published research in 2014 measuring the effects of forward head posture (aka tech neck) on the cervical spine and found that a normal 12 pound head can weigh as much as 60 pounds when bent forward.

Imagine walking around all day with a child wrapped around your neck!

Forward head posture has been linked to conditions like spinal degeneration, disc disease, abnormal curvatures of the spine, headaches…even respiratory problems, depression and reduced mortality.

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Are Jolly Jumpers Really Safe?

It’s been 60 years since Susan Olivia Poole first patented and produced a children’s toy that has stood the test of time – the Jolly Jumper.

Based on a traditional swaddling technique, the Jolly Jumper is now promoted as a ‘baby exerciser’, and is distributed by some of the biggest box stores and brands in the world, from Amazon to Walmart.

This device, I’m sure, has been a godsend for thousands of mums and dads who just need a little ‘hands free’ time so they can get chores done around the house.

Sometimes, I’m sure putting your baby in a jumper is the only thing that will buy you a few minutes of peace, when all other attempts to quell a tantrum fail.

And we all know that exercise is good for everyone, even babies, right?

While the Jolly Jumper may provide hours of ‘bouncing around and giggling to no end’, when it comes to the healthy development of a child’s nervous system and skeleton, you may be surprised to hear that it can actually present some huge issues.

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Sciatica Survival Guide

Sciatica is the worst – period.

I’ve been there – that achy butt and leg pain is distracting at best, and downright disruptive at its worst…

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica you know that it zaps your energy, interferes with your work and stops you from doing the sports and activities you love. Heck, it can even make sitting and standing unbearable…

Here’s the crazy thing: back problems including sciatica will affect 4 in 5 Canadian adults at some point in their life.

So if sciatica is so common, what is it?