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How To Choose The Healthiest Foods

Healthy TV Episode 074

It’s 5:30 on a Tuesday night and you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner… the kids are getting hangry (or maybe it’s your husband/wife/BF/GF haha), and you’re starting to panic…

I get that sometimes the goal is simply to put some food, any food, on the table, and nutrient quality and choosing the healthiest foods isn’t your top priority…

But usually there are a few options to choose from, am I right? And that’s when you can apply the two questions that I introduce to you in this week’s episode of Healthy TV.

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Should You Be On A Low Carb Diet?

Low carb diets are everywhere these days, and lots of people love the results… weight loss, more energy, less cravings and mood swings just to name a few…

Healthy TV Episode 069

Have you been on a low carb diet?

How did/does it work for you?

I’d love if you would share your wins and challenges in the comments!

If not, should you be on a Low Carb diet?

Watch this episode to find out!

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Is Sugar Causing My Headaches?

Is sugar causing my Headaches?

Healthy TV | Episode 068

I’ve had a grand-total of 3 migraines in my life and those are some of the worst days I can remember…

The thing patients tell me most often is that they’re frustrated about not being able to find a solution… They tell me there’ are lots of ways to mask the pain, but nothing that corrects the underlying problem.

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(Video) Sugar, Your Brain & Type 3 Diabetes

Your Brain On Sugar… The post-Halloween show!

Healthy TV | Episode 067

Did you know there’s such thing as Type 3 Diabetes?

Turns out sugar is not just bad for your body, when you consume too much of it, it also damages your brain!

The evidence is piling up tying the over-consumption of sugar to chronic, brain-based problems like Alzheimers and dementia.

It turns out when we have too much sugar, our brain cells develop insulin resistance, leading to what medical researchers are now calling ‘Type 3 Diabetes.’

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