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Will A Low-Carb Diet Shorten Your Life?

Have you seen these headlines?

Meat-heavy, low-carb diets can ‘shorten lifespan’: study – CTV

Low-carb diets can shorten life expectancy: study – CBC

Low-carb diet linked to early death, medical study suggests – USA TODAY

Low carb diets shorten your life unless you are mostly vegetarian, study suggests – The Independent

This comes at a time when everyone and their dog is raving about the benefits of the ketogenic diet (low carb/high-fat), and its’ ancestral relative – the Paleo diet, both which are top trending diets of 2018.

And for good reason…

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Get Lean With Protein

One of the fastest and best ways to drop some extra body fat (along with a bunch of other benefits) is by increasing your protein intake. You heard that right… get lean with protein.

Straight to the point, here’s 6 ways increasing your protein intake, especially from healthy animal sources, will give you a jump start on crushing your health goals.

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The 3 Essential Daily Supplements I Take Every Day (& Why You Should Too!)

Healthy TV Episode 076

Ok, let me be totally honest… I’m not perfect and there’s plenty of days that I forget to take my supplements, but most days I take 3 essential supplements…

Can you guess which daily supplements I take?

You’ll have to watch this week’s episode to find out if you guessed correctly! 🙂

And let me be clear, I think most supplements that people take are a waste of money. I’m an advocate for eating a healthy diet and ONLY using supplements to fill the gaps where today’s food falls short.

Do you take supplements regularly? Which ones? Please comment below and let me know!

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The Unknown Cost Of The Food You Feed Your Family

Healthy TV Episode 075

There are costs and benefits to specific foods, and in Episode 074 I gave you a good strategy for choosing the right foods to fuel your body…

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But there is one other food cost that is rarely considered, and it could be the difference between a good meal and a great one…

Watch the video to find out to find out exactly what I’m talking about!

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