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Research Shows Tech Neck May Cause Serious Health Problems

Power By Design

The global technology boom may have improved our lives and connected the world, but it has also caused an epidemic of “Tech Neck” and contributed to some serious health problems.

New York spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj published research in 2014 measuring the effects of forward head posture (aka tech neck) on the cervical spine and found that a normal 12-pound head can weigh as much as 60 pounds when bent forward.

Imagine walking around all day with a child wrapped around your neck!

Forward head posture has been linked to conditions like spinal degeneration, disc disease, abnormal curvatures of the spine, headaches…even respiratory problems, depression, and reduced mortality.

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Why Screen Time Is Killing Your Sleep

Life By Design

Healthy TV Episode 091

Am I alone, or are you also in a constant struggle to keep your screen-time in check?

I love my iPhone (and MacBook, and iPad…) and although these devices make my life so much easier in so many ways, they can come with some serious costs…

One major cost is the impact that screen-time has on our brain, and it’s ability to power down at night.

This can disrupt how quickly we can fall asleep, as well as the quality of sleep we get.

For more on how all this happens, check out our White Paper below: Reboot Your Sleep – 4 Ways Technology Is Destroying Your Sleep And What To Do About It.

One of the simplest strategies to help improve your sleep (and therefore your health) is to cut down on screen time at night…. Note I said simple, but far from easy.

That’s why we’ve made it the focus of this month’s challenge at The Wellness Group – to cut out all screen time one hour before bed.

Intrigued? Watch this episode of Healthy TV for the details.

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[Video] Simple Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Driving

Move By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 062

Do you get back and neck pain while driving?

I’ve been on the road a lot this month and it has reminded me how terrible travel can be on your spine…

Whether it’s a simple ache in your back from lack of movement, or a more serious concern like radiating pain into your buttock, leg or arm, the main solution is the same:

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[Video] 3 Exercises To Avoid The Grandma Hump!

Move By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 061

Are you concerned about developing the Grandma Hump? Don’t worry – it’s not genetic, but it’s getting way more common with the emergence of tech neck

The fancy name for the abnormal curve of the upper back that results in a hunched posture and a bump at the base of the neck is called a ‘Dowager’s Hump.’

Since this problem is most easily seen in elderly women I can understand if you assumed you don’t need to worry about it…

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