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[Video] Simple Tips To Reduce Back Pain While Driving

Move By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 062

Do you get back and neck pain while driving?

I’ve been on the road a lot this month and it has reminded me how terrible travel can be on your spine…

Whether it’s a simple ache in your back from lack of movement, or a more serious concern like radiating pain into your buttock, leg or arm, the main solution is the same:

Stop, get out and move!

Most often those achy, painful feelings are simply your body trying to tell you to move after you’ve been sitting for a prolonged time.  For best results, stopping at least 1x/hour to move for a minimum of 5 minutes would be sufficient.

But I understand that often your timeline (or the fact that your kids finally fell asleep) makes stopping hourly an unlikely option.  

Here’s what I do to help deal with the aches and pains when I can’t get out.

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