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[Video] Super Happy Fun Day!

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Healthy TV | Episode 038

Are you feeling burnt out? Unhappy?  Or overwhelmed with decision fatigue?

Let me ask you a different question…  When was the last time you took an entire day to do only things you love to do, things that, just thinking about them makes you smile, raises your spirit?

In other words, when was the last time you had a Super Happy Fun Day?

Here’s the thing:  Our lives are more stressful than ever before – managing kids and family stress, work stress, relationship stress, financial stress…  For most of us, our time is spent rushing from one crisis to the next, with no down-time to process and recover.
All that stress causes your brain to get stuck in survival mode and ultimately interferes with your ability to make good, long-term decisions.  The problem with this is, in order to create a happy life, you need to make good quality decisions… a lot of them.

There’s no silver bullet, but a great strategy to kick-start term is to give yourself…

Permission To Have Fun!

Happiness brings clarity, perspective, purpose and heck, it’s just plain good for you to have fun all for yourself!
Life is short – when was the last time you took an entire day to do the things that you love the most?
Well, the first thing I did was asked myself… When did I last organize a super happy fun day?

In the video I share a simple set of criteria for building your own Super Happy Fun Day!  Check it out and let me know what you come up with!

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johnDr. John MacPhee is a Chiropractor, speaker and passionate health and wellness expert. He has inspired thousands of people to take control of their own health using the Life By Design method. Dr. John is co-owner of The Wellness Group, the largest Life By Design Certified Chiropractic office in Canada. Apart from full-time practice, John maintains a busy speaking schedule, with a particular emphasis on improving productivity and focus at work. Otherwise, you can find John training hard at CrossFit 613, exploring Gatineau Park, or holed away studying the latest research at various cafes across the west end.