[Video] Anti-Ageing Secret That Doesn't Cost A Cent! | Kanata Chiropractor

[Video] Anti-Ageing Secret That Doesn’t Cost A Cent!

Think By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 001

In this episode I will:

  • Explain the purpose of Healthy TV.
  • Share an amazing story about Nuns and what they taught us about anti-aging.
  • Uncover a key human characteristic that can add up to 10 years to your lifespan.
  • Explain how it also reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Show you an easy daily habit that will help you achieve the same benefits!

I’m sure if I was to ask if you’d like to live a longer, healthier, more productive life, you’d say ‘Heck yeah!’

And if I said I knew an anti-ageing secret that can add years to your life, you’d be all over it, right?

Well, About 15 years ago a group of social psychologists stumbled upon a gold mine of data that showed a super-strong connection between longevity – the length of your life – and 1 key characteristic…

Those individuals that demonstrated this behaviour throughout their life lived on average 10 yrs longer than those that didn’t!

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you some more hints:

1 of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to ask a big question like ‘What behaviours or characteristics affect life span?’ is that you need to study a large group of people… and people’s lives are so different that it becomes really difficult to tease out any meaningful conclusions…

That’s why this study is so important because the researchers looked at a population that live very, very similar lives: Nuns!

Secret To Anti-Ageing

That’s right, the kind of nuns that live in convents and therefore have very similar lifestyles… similar stresses, same food, same amount of activity, similar sleeping habits, similar social environments and social connection and lots of time for self-development. In fact, there’s really only a few areas of life that the individual nuns have total control over.

Now known simply as ‘the Nuns Study,’ this research project has actually expanded to also look at specific health problems, especially brain-based problems called ‘neuro-degenerative disorders’ like Alzheimers and dementia. And guess what?

The nuns who demonstrated this 1 characteristic not only lived way longer, they had significantly fewer brain problems compared to those that didn’t!

Curious? Watch the video to find out!

johnDr. John MacPhee is a Chiropractor, speaker and passionate health and wellness expert. He has inspired thousands of people to take control of their own health using the Life By Design method. Dr. John is co-owner of The Wellness Group, the largest Life By Design Certified Chiropractic office in Canada. Apart from full-time practice, John maintains a busy speaking schedule, with a particular emphasis on improving productivity and focus at work. Otherwise, you can find John training hard at CrossFit 613, exploring Gatineau Park, or holed away studying the latest research at various cafes across the west end.