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[Video] Rotten Veggies In Your Fridge? Watch This!  

Eat By Design

Healthy TV | Episode 040

We all know that subtle, stinky smell…  The one that wafts out at you when you open the fridge, reminding you of the quickly decaying spinach or the slimy cucumber that you neglected to eat.

If you want to get the most out of your food $$ and cut your waste, watch this video!

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5 Mistakes Causing Your Fitness Routine To Fail

Move By Design

The more time that passes working in the health and fitness field the more I see the same 5 mistakes that cause people’s fitness routine to fail.

No one plans to fail, but that doesn’t negate the cold hard fact that most people do not achieve the results they’re searching for.

You want to lose body fat but you’re not.

You want to get stronger but you’re not.

You want your clothes to fit better but they don’t.

You’d love to have more energy but you’re more tired than ever before!

You wish you felt better but you’re still in pain.

Reality exists and the sooner you accept that this is where you are the sooner you can start figuring out what the heck is going wrong and begin the process of getting it fixed.

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6 Nutrition Lies That Are Making Kanata Sick And Fat

Eat By Design

Nutrition is a central component to your health whether you pay attention to it or not, all of us in Kanata are subject to the same nutrition lies that continue to make the rest of the world sick and fat.

Each one of these myths are embedded as cultural norms and accepted as “the standard” when it comes to nutritional decision-making. Without ever considering the impact of your food choices on how your body functions, you’re left to pay the price for what are often believed to be solid and smart decisions.

Sadly these decisions lie at the root of Kanata’s (and the world’s) declining health status and the consequences will continue to be far-reaching and long lasting.

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The Secret To Becoming A Fat Burning Machine

Eat By Design

Last week I was house-sitting for Dr. Gibson.

In the centre of his house is a fireplace. One which I just could not get to stay lit…

…And it made me think of how the body uses the energy contained within different types of food.

Actually, I first heard this concept several years ago from Nora Gegaudas – it’s funny how stuff comes back into conscious thought when you’re absentmindedly trying to start a fire…

Our bodies burn fuel to give us energy, just like a fireplace burns wood to give us heat.

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