10 Steps To Engineer Your Perfect Diet


7 Food Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Health And 10 Steps To Engineer Your Perfect Diet

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If you are like us, at some point you have probably thrown your arms up in exasperation, and said:

“Why is eating healthy so complicated?”

It’s no wonder… According to Amazon there are over 108,000 books relating to nutrition and I can guarantee that there’s almost as many different opinions and recommendations about what constitutes a healthy diet.

We get it. We know first hand how frustrating it is to be told one thing by one expert only to be contradicted by the next.

Who do you believe?

Or more to the point, why should you trust us?

Eat By Design works in harmony with our body’s genetic make-up and design. It’s not a diet, but an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function.

After all, that’s the whole purpose of eating right? To fulfill our requirements for fuel and building blocks – macronutrients like fat, protein and carbohydrates and micronutrients like essential vitamins and minerals. The best way to do that is to focus on consuming foods with the highest quality nutrient density and the least amount of toxicity for the human body.

Eat By Design is the strategy to ensure you achieve this.

At our Eat By Design Seminar we dive deep into the ‘why’ behind our specific recommendations and actually give you a 10 step plan to make sure you are meeting all the nutrient requirements your body has to be healthy.

Join us for our next Eat By Design Seminar HERE.

At the seminar we will uncover the 7 Biggest Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Health.

These are myths that almost every Canadian has bought hook, line and sinker… And we will not only blast these myths apart; we’ll also explain the reasons why they are false and share some of our best sleuthing secrets so you can pick them out yourself!

Then we’ll teach you a simple 10 Step Process To Engineer The Perfect Diet; not a temporary ‘I want to shoot myself’ kinda diet, but a sustainable, highly satisfying and non-restrictive way of eating that your whole family will LOVE.

Here are some specific things you can expect to learn at the upcoming Eat By Design seminar:

  • The 7 biggest lies spread by ‘mainstream’ nutrition
  • How to transform your nutrition from the ground up – step by step
  • Why fat does not make you fat: The science that proves the “War on Fat” was a HUGE mistake
  • The Real Truth About Cholesterol
  • Why Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat (And What Fats You Should Still Avoid)
  • Why Bacon Is Actually A Health Food (Thank Goodness!)
  • The Science Behind Why Grains (Not Just Gluten) Are Bad For You
  • Sweet Poison: Is fruit sugar just as bad as regular sugar?
  • If It’s Worth It To Buy Organic
  • What Supplements You Need & What Supplements Are A Waste Of Your Money
  • The Truth About Flax (And A Behind The Scenes Look At The Clever Marketing Behind It)
  • Why Counting Calories Is Not The Answer To Weight Loss
  • Meal Planning Tips & Strategies
  • 7 Key Strategies To Help You Successfully Implement Changes To Your Diet (And Make It Stick!)
  • 4 Questions To Ask To Once And For All Determine What Foods Are Good For You And Which Are NOT

We actually deliver so much high-value content at our Eat By Design seminar that people were having a hard time keeping up… So we wrote a ‘Coles Notes’ style ebook: the Eat By Design Ebook – that reviews all the key points and action steps from the seminar and comes included with your ticket.

These events always sell out so be sure to book your ticket well in advance HERE.

See you at the next seminar!