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6 Ways To Wake Up Sleepy Glutes

You’ve been sitting all day long and research tells us your waistline is going to pay dearly, but who knew the desk life would also turn off signals to our backsides?

Here are 6 ways to wake up sleepy glutes.

Gluteal amnesia or “dead butt syndrome” is a real thing and it happens when your glutes forget how to activate correctly. While gluteal amnesia may not cause symptoms early on, having a major muscle group like the glutes not working properly will have effects globally throughout your body as time passes.

Some of these effects include:

Lower back pain

  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Postural distortion

The exciting news is that gluteal amnesia isn’t permanent if you’re willing to do the work!

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The Simple Solution To Neck Problems

“I gotta hit the gym to work on my neck…” said nobody, ever! 😉

When you consider what the neck does (connects your head to your body) it’s pretty darn important…

The neck is the most free and mobile part of the spine, and in order to be able to move your head around freely and safely, your neck needs to have a strong core… Yes, just like your lower spine/trunk has ‘a core,’ so does your neck!

One of the biggest sign’s that your neck core is not working properly is what’s called anterior spinal distortion. AKA tech neck.

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[Video] Got Tight Hips? Do These 5 Mobility Exercises

Like all joints in our body, our hips are designed for lots and lots of regular movement.  Historically, all this movement was a requirement to survive. We often had to walk long distances, squat, crawl, run, leap, climb… all simply to survive.

And then in the past 200 years we have innovated such an abundance of amazing machines to help make our lives easier and safer, we’ve almost entirely removed the need to move!

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Top 5 Core Exercises For Your Low Back

When it comes to the science of fitness, there is one thing every expert can agree on: Having a properly functioning core is essential for maximizing performance and avoiding injuries, including back pain.

Whether you’re an avid athlete, a professional desk-sitter, or simply looking to prevent back problems now and in the future,  these core exercises will help!

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