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(Video) The Best Kept Secret To Getting Great Sleep

Two-thirds of Canadians say they wish they got better sleep, and the number of prescriptions for sleeping pills has doubled in the past decade…

Healthy TV | Episode 065

Sleep is arguably the single most important health habit to get locked in, and yet most of us struggle big time getting good quality ZZZ’s.

Have you tried this strategy?

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[Video] Beat The Bedtime Blues With This Simple Habit

Do you struggle to get good sleep?

I have a favour to ask…

I’m doing a quick poll: please take a moment tocomment below and tell me if you struggle more with falling asleep or staying asleep.

Healthy TV | Episode 064

Put those sleepless nights to bed once and for all by consistently installing this new habit!

This habit is surprisingly simple, yet exceedingly hard for most people to follow thru on – myself included…

That’s why we made this habit the focus of our Monthly Challenge at The Wellness Group in Kanata.

Intrigued? Watch this episode for all the details.

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The Worst Kind Of Debt… Sleep Debt

I’ve really been struggling lately…

Low energy, poor concentration, lack of focus on the task at hand… not to mention a serious reduction in my productivity…

Oh, and don’t forget the 2 large Americanos that have seemingly become necessary for my survival…

Odds are you can relate.

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The Best 15 Ways To Boost Your Child’s IQ

High IQ is not a stand alone quality that sets a child apart nor is it a requirement for a successful future. That said, all things being equal, maximizing your child’s intelligence is not only possible but it’s a “smart” thing to do. Here’s how it works and the best 15 ways to boost your child’s IQ.

It’s All About The Brain

While tests that measure IQ can be debated, what is generally accepted in this realm is the importance of healthy brain development in children and beyond.

No question there is a massive surge of growth from birth until age 4-5 but it doesn’t stop there as most researchers had once thought.

The brain is plastic; this means it continually integrates new information, experiences and changes throughout ones life.

THE POINT… caring for your child’s brain is the foundation for not only IQ, but also millions of other processes required for a healthy and happy life.

While it’s tempting to chalk this “brain stuff” up to genetics, we’re more in control than we may think. It’s time to start considering a lifestyle that incorporates activities to support our brain health not only for its positive benefits today but also for the protective effects later in life.

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