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How Much Sun Is Good For You?

Healthy TV Episode 084

How Much Sun Do I Need?

For the past 30 years we have consistently sold the message ‘Sun = Bad’ and that less sun = better health.

We’re told to cover up, lather up with sunscreen and avoid the sun if we want to protect ourselves from cancer.

A recent 20-year study following 29,518 women has called this into question. The research – based in Sweden – found that the women avoiding sun exposure were twice as likely to die from ‘all causes,’ as compared to women who didn’t practice sun-avoidance.

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How To Keep Your Health On Track While Traveling

It’s time for a break from work, from school, and from the daily grind … but that much-needed time off can never be a vacation from reality, at least not without pretending that “being on vacation” means our lifestyle choices no longer matter.

The good news – there are some simple strategies that can help you have fun and, with little time and energy investment, keep up with many of your Life By Design action steps so you can turn your holiday into a health boost instead of a colossal setback!

The most important principle to understand is that Reality Exists.

If something is important for the health of your body today, it will be important for your health tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether you are carrying out your normal routine at home or lounging in a tropical paradise with the ocean at your feet.

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15 Ways To Survive The Cold & Flu Season Naturally

Scratchy throat, fever, stuffy nose and the host of other symptoms that come along for the ride…here are 15 ways to survive the cold & flu season naturally.

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7 Keys To Staying On Track This Holiday Season

Here it comes… Christmas. The holidays.

I call it ‘the silly season’. And for good reason. This 2-3 period every year is a time filled with over-indulgence, over-spending and over-committing to parties and events.

What that means is that even more discipline is required in order for you to continue to reach your health goals.

Here are a 7 strategies to help you make it just a little bit easier this holiday season.

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