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5 Headache Inducing Core Problems

Power By Design

Here it comes… the pressure over your left eye, the blurred vision, the feeling like there is a vice squeezing your head and now the throbbing pain has you searching for somewhere to hide.

You are getting another headache.

Luckily this time it’s just a “normal” headache… the kind you seem to get ONLY a couple times a week. That’s so much better than one of those nasty migraine headaches that debilitate you every month!

Of course, they always seem to appear when you have a million things to do and they make every single task exponentially more difficult to complete.

So now comes the most important question:

What are you going to do about it?

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Here’s What I Do When I Get A Headache…

Move By Design

What do I do when I get a Headache?

Click below and watch the short video to find out!!

Healthy TV Episode 072

With all the planes, trains and buses… and the tents, sleeping mats and heavy packs I’ve encountered over the past month, needless to say my neck has been tested and I’m dealing with some pretty nasty neck pain and headaches.

I’m travelling again this weekend, but thankfully, I brought along my handy lacrosse ball.

Here’s what I do that helps cut down my headache by about 75%.

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Is Sugar Causing My Headaches?

Eat By Design

Is sugar causing my Headaches?

Healthy TV | Episode 068

I’ve had a grand-total of 3 migraines in my life and those are some of the worst days I can remember…

The thing patients tell me most often is that they’re frustrated about not being able to find a solution… They tell me there’ are lots of ways to mask the pain, but nothing that corrects the underlying problem.

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