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6 Steps To Make Your Kids More Productive

Think By Design

What ever happened to playing outside until the streetlights came on? Now, the only lights most of our kids are exposed to is the blue light emanating from the screens of their digital devices.

Only time will tell the full effect of abundant screen time on the physical and mental health of our population, in the meantime, it makes sense to apply some creativity to the problem.

One viable solution is leveraging what we know about productivity and teaching our kids how to pursue a life they can love today and in their future.

It starts with these 6 steps that will make your kids more productive.

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Kids Need Protein To Thrive

Eat By Design

Protein is a macronutrient that plays an essential role in thousands of functions within the human body. The building blocks that protein delivers, known as amino acids, are a requirement for normal and healthy development.

This means because amino acids are located in muscle, bone, ligaments, skin, hair, blood…effectively every tissue, kids need protein to thrive.

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The Wellness Group Raises $1000 for Local Charity


Last October, The Wellness Group hosted the first annual Good Health Walk.  With all of the focus on disease in today’s world it was so great to see a group of like-minded people come together and take a stand for health.

And best of all we raised $1,000.00 for local charity Kidsport Ottawa, to help underprivileged children have access to organized sports in our community.

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Kids are #1 At The Chiropractor

Power By Design

“One day I felt fine, and then the next day I was just. . ..”

How often have you heard this? Probably enough that you do not even recognize the absolute absurdity of that statement. Except for severe traumas, such as car accidents, major falls, poisoning, etc., people do not suddenly become ill. Disease does not occur spontaneously.

Small traumas, long-term abuse and negligence, though unnoticeable at first, take their toll on the body over a period of time. When the first symptoms appear, the body has already been malfunctioning for some period of time — often years.

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