Eat By Design Recipe: Grain-Free Cranberry Muffins

Eat By Design Recipe: Grain-Free Cranberry Muffins

Eat By Design

Grain-Free Cranberry Muffins

I love baking, and when I want to make myself a little treat I always make these muffins!

They’re easy to make, I can use different combinations of flavours, they’re grain-free, and the ingredients are also easy to find (for people living in Ottawa, I went to the Natural Food Pantry to get all my ingredients).

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  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Whisk
  • Muffin tin


  • 2 cups of almond flour (almond meal)
  • ½ cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ cup of melted coconut oil (*or ¼ cup of melted coconut oil + ¼ cup of melted butter, for a fluffier texture)
  • 1 cup of cranberries (frozen ones works great)

grain-free cranberry muffins

1.Preheat oven to 325˚F.
2. Line a 12 cup muffin tin with muffin cases (optional).
3.In a large bowl, mix together the almond flour, shredded coconut and baking powder.
4. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, honey, vanilla extract and coconut oil.

grain-free muffins

5. Pour the egg mixture into the almond mixture. Stir well until combined.
6. Fold in the cranberries.
7. Pour the mixture into the muffin cases.*
8. Bake for approximately 20 minutes, or until golden on top.

*Tip : Use a 2oz ice cream scoop for dividing the mixture into 12 equal muffins is easier

Awesome Combinations
  • Cranberry Orange: Add the zest of 1 orange to the mixture.
  • Apple Cinnamon: Replace the cranberries with 1 apple cut into small cubes, and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture.
  • Banana Chocolate Chips: Replace the cranberries with 2 bananas, mashed, and add ¼ cup of dark chocolate chips to the mixture.
  • Berries: Replace the cranberries with 1 cup of mixed berries or blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Carrot Cake: Replace the cranberries with 1 carrot, grated, and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg to the mixture.
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