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Get Lean With Protein

One of the fastest and best ways to drop some extra body fat (along with a bunch of other benefits) is by increasing your protein intake. You heard that right… get lean with protein.

Straight to the point, here’s 6 ways increasing your protein intake, especially from healthy animal sources, will give you a jump start on crushing your health goals.

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The 6 Best Exercises Everyone Can Do

What are the 6 best exercises everyone can do?

Don’t worry the picture above is NOT one of them! 🙂

I was asked this question by a patient recently and before I could give a quality answer, I wanted to give it some deeper thought…

Initially, my mind was filled will all of the challenging lifts and movements that could be done in a well outfitted training facility but unless “everyone” had access to such a place or access to the required equipment, some of those movements wouldn’t fit the bill.

The other MAJOR criteria that needed to be accounted for is scalability.

Could the lifts and movements be paired down for those with minimal fitness experience or simply poor health?

With that said, here are the 6 best exercises everyone can do…

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