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Got Pain? This Solution Will Surprise You

When someone comes to us in pain, there’s one thing we almost always tell them they need to do… And usually they look at us as if we have 3 heads!

Like a lot of what we say, it goes against conventional thought…

But our goal is to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time, and this step is essential.

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9 Possible Reasons You Have Back Pain

Given that The World Health Organization estimates the lifetime prevalence of non-specific back pain at 60-70%, it just makes sense that you understand what could be causing it and how to start solving your problem once and for all!

Here are 9 possible reasons you have back pain.

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Sciatica Survival Guide

Sciatica is the worst – period.

I’ve been there – that achy butt and leg pain is distracting at best, and downright disruptive at its worst…

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica you know that it zaps your energy, interferes with your work and stops you from doing the sports and activities you love. Heck, it can even make sitting and standing unbearable…

Here’s the crazy thing: back problems including sciatica will affect 4 in 5 Canadian adults at some point in their life.

So if sciatica is so common, what is it?


[Video] Looking For Sciatica Relief? Try These 3 Exercises…

Healthy TV | Episode 035

In this episode, I’m going to uncover the most common cause of that achy butt and leg pain and what you can do to find some sciatica relief.

With over 80% of the Canadian population (that’s 4 in 5 people!) guaranteed to experience some sort of back pain in their lifetime, I want to make sure you’re prepared… Both with the right knowledge AND practical steps.
In this episode you’ll learn:

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