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5 Things You Cannot Miss If You Want Your Child To Be Their Best

Life By Design

What does every parent want for their child?

Good news… a handful of studies have given us some insight:

  • To have a positive attitude
  • To be responsible
  • To be capable
  • To be successful
  • To have good friends
  • To have manners
  • To be a good person

Yet, as important as each of these are, there were 3 aspirations that stood out as the most important qualities every parent wanted for their children…

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Use It Or Lose It

Move By Design

You know that we are always trying to find health strategies to help you integrate the principles of Life By Design into your life and in the process become as healthy as possible.

This requires taking action, something I think we all struggle with.

Can you think of an example of a change you tried to make only to realize 4-6 weeks later that you had already abandoned it?

I only need to look back on my own life to know that unless I created a habit or ritual around a new, desirable behaviour (like exercising, going to bed early or cutting out sugar), I inevitably failed.

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The Good Health Walk


The Good Health Walk is a one of a kind community event to raise awareness for the one thing everyone values – HEALTH.

Essentially all charity based walks and runs aim at bringing attention to and raising funds for the treatment of different diseases and illnesses.  In no way is this a negative but it does speak to our cultural focus on disease treatment as a path towards health.

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