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48 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

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I know I’m from Perth, and this is only my third winter EVER, but I’m still gonna put it out there: it’s really tough to stay active in the winter!

The days are waaaay shorter, sunlight is pretty hard to come by, and it is cold, wet, and slippery out there…

I think its fair to say that for a lot of people, one of the first casualties during winter is exercise and movement.

I totally get it, there are a lot of days where it would be much easier to lie in your nice, warm bed, than get up in the morning and go to the gym/to for a run/whatever your exercise method is.

So without further adieu, here are 48 hacks to help you stay active this winter:

  1. Hike in the snow
  2. Start a snowball fight
  3. Go for a skate on the canal
  4. Start a street hockey game with your neighbours
  5. Create a home bodyweight circuit
  6. Go cross country skiing (rent skis at MEC)
  7. Drive out to Gatineau Park and walk along the cross country ski trails
  8. Join a gym (or just keep going to the gym if you’re already there)
  9. Go snowboarding
  10. Run or cycle (be careful of ice though)
  11. Build an igloo
  12. Shovel your driveway
  13. Play hockey
  14. Join a curling league
  15. Find an awesome hill and sled down it (like the one at Walter Baker Park)
  16. Build a snowman
  17. Bounce on the bed
  18. Shovel your neighbour’s driveway
  19. Take the stairs two at a time
  20. Try a new indoor sport
  21. Go to Xtreme Trampoline and bounce around
  22. Make snow angels
  23. Join a mall walking club
  24. Ask me to borrow my Hip Hop Abs DVD
  25. Dance around in the kitchen/bathroom
  26. Do 20 push ups or sit ups whenever there’s a commercial break on TV
  27. Incorporate exercise into your social life – get coffee and walk outside when you meet up with friends
  28. Snow burpees
  29. Go for a walk in the next snowstorm
  30. Challenge your kids to max snow angels (in 5min)
  31. Find the biggest snow pile and climb up and down 10 times
  32. Take the stairs at work
  33. Go for a skate at lunch (at 1 of the over 200 rinks around the city)
  34. Take your family to the Rink Of Dreams
  35. Go to a climbing gym (my fave is Vertical Reality )
  36. Take a walk down the Trans Canada trail
  37. Take your kids out to try geocaching
  38. Take a hot yoga class
  39. Go to an old-timey family skate at the Governor General’s house
  40. Turn Christmas shopping into a chance to powerwalk
  41. Participate in a food collection and go door to door
  42. Wrestle your kids on the living room floor
  43. Visit the Kanata Wave Pool
  44. Go out dancing with your significant other
  45. Invite your friends over and make a human pyramid
  46. Go rollerskating every friday night at Carleton University
  47. Take the stairs at every opportunity (especially if you’re going up several floors)
  48. Play a family game of Twister
DaveDr. David Hawkes is a wellness expert and martial arts enthusiast. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Dr Hawkes’ passion for health and wellness has led him here to Kanata, literally halfway around the world. After graduating from Murdoch University, Dr. Hawkes ran a successful practice in Perth’s western suburbs before moving to Ottawa. Dr. Hawkes has a special interest in family wellness, as well as Peak Performance. He is passionate about helping individuals and families lead their extraordinary lives.