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Are You Ready For A Challenge?


It’s been almost 3 years since we launched the Life By Design program at The Wellness Group!  Wow, time flies!

As we reflect on the past 3 years what excites us the most is the tribe of families in our community that have adopted these principles, are living By Design, and as a result are healthier than ever.

If you’ve been around us, even for a minute, then you know that we’re all about getting even better, about never ending improvement, and about constantly looking for new strategies to help us fulfill the requirements for health.

So as all of us at The Wellness Group sat down to make our plan for 2014, our main focus was to come up with some new and even better ways to help you take that next step with your health and not only feel better, but have more energy, become more fit, be more productive and happier than ever.

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